The Fire Damage Insurance Claims Process

Posted on: 13 December 2022

Enduring a house fire often necessitates consulting with a claims adjuster. This professional will assess damages and take note of the value of the items that you have lost in the fire. Learn how to navigate through the claims process by reviewing the following information.

Control Further Damage

Your insurance claims adjuster will need to view how your home looked immediately after the fire. It is important to file a claim quickly. Insurance companies have specified timeframes in which a claim will need to be filed. Failure to report the fire in a timely manner could forfeit your right to recoup money for losses. An insurance adjuster may work on a tight schedule that will limit how quickly they can assess damage to your home.

During the time that you wait to meet with an adjuster, control further damage to your residence. This will necessitate locking doors and windows and securing the property around your home. If it is too dangerous for you to walk into some parts of your home, avoid doing so.

Tarps, plastic sheeting, and other protective materials can be used to cover damaged siding or other structural materials. A minor fire may only require that smoke damage is addressed or that household goods are cleaned. Protecting your home to the best of your ability will prevent further damage that could destroy your home or its contents.

Seek Monetary Assistance

If you were unable to recover clothing and other personal possessions that you need from your home, you may be eligible for a monetary advance. If your insurance adjuster prepares a report that you both agree upon, there may be a clause within the report that pertains to receiving funding for emergency provisions.

Ask your insurance adjuster about the financial relief that you are approved for. If you can prove that you do not have the basic items you need for day-to-day living, receiving a financial advance will help. If you are going to be covering the cost of a hotel room or a rental home while your original residence is being repaired, you may be granted compensation for any funds that you need to pay upfront.

The insurance claims adjuster who inspects your home can provide you with information about how the claims process works. This includes them giving you information that describes how long it may take for you to receive compensation for unsalvageable items and daily living expenses. 

For more information, contact a local fire damage claims adjuster


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