Becoming Informed About Buying An SR22 Insurance Policy

Posted on: 11 August 2022

SR22 insurance policies can be required by the court for those that have been convicted of serious motor vehicle violations. When individuals are first ordered to carry this type of auto insurance, they may not be sure how it will be different from more standard types of coverage.

Will SR22 Insurance Coverage Be Better Than A Standard Policy? 

These policies actually tend to offer substantially better coverage. This is partially due to the fact that these policies are designed for drivers that are considered by the courts to be particularly high risk. By carrying expanded coverage, these drivers can be far less likely to cause serious financial harm to others if they are involved in an accident.

How Long Will You Be Required To Carry The SR22 Insurance Policy? 

SR22 insurance policies can be more costly, and individuals may be more limited in the carriers that they can choose for this type of coverage. These factors can lead to individuals wanting to be able to switch to more traditional policies as soon as possible. However, the courts will ultimately be the party that is able to determine the length of time that the driver will have to carry this insurance. Failing to comply with this could result in a person losing their license or facing expensive fines. Once you have completed your obligations to the court, you will be released from this requirement, which can allow you to switch to more traditional types of auto insurance coverage.

Will You Always Have To Pay For The SR22 Policy In Full Upfront? 

One of the common requirements with SR22 insurance policies will be that they are likely to have to be paid in full upfront. This is needed to ensure that the person with the policy does not simply cancel it soon after buying the coverage. If this were to occur, the insurance carrier would have to notify the courts that the policy has failed, which could be a cumbersome and expensive process for the carrier. By requiring that these policies are paid upfront, they can avoid this potential risk. As with other types of insurance coverage, individuals may be able to substantially reduce these costs by shopping around and comparing policies from different issuers of SR22 policies.

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