4 Reasons You Need Car Insurance

Posted on: 24 January 2022

As a vehicle owner, it is important that you have car insurance. There are a few reasons why car insurance is essential to carry, beyond it being the law in many states that you have to carry a certain amount of auto insurance.  

Work With Your Health Insurance 

If you ever get into an accident, and you have medical protection in some form on your policy, that means that your car insurance will help pay for any medical expenses related to your accident. Medical coverage provided by car insurance providers is often more extensive than personal insurance plans, covering things such as a chiropractor if you injured your back or dental care if you injured your teeth in the accident.  

Vehicle Protection 

Most people can't just afford to go out and purchase a new vehicle if their vehicle is damaged. If you can't just replace your vehicle if it is damaged, you will want to carry collision and comprehensive insurance. With collision and comprehensive insurance, if your vehicle is damaged due to a tree falling on it, hitting a dear, getting into a single-person accident, or getting into an accident with other drivers, your insurance will pay to repair the damage or will pay you the current value of the car if it is totaled.  

Either way, you will get help paying to fix the car or a little assistance with purchasing a new vehicle. Without collision and comprehensive insurance, if you get into an accident and your vehicle is damaged, it is up to you to fix it or replace it.  

Affordable Rental Car Access  

If your vehicle is damaged in an accident, and that is your only form of transportation, you may find yourself in a sticky situation until your vehicle is fixed. If you add rental car coverage to your insurance policy and your vehicle is damaged in an accident, your insurance will cover the cost of a rental vehicle regardless of who is at fault. This will allow you to continue to have a form of transportation and will save you from the expense of paying for a rental car when you are in a sticky transportation situation. 

Protect Your Livelihood

When you get into an accident, you have to pay to fix the other driver's vehicle and medical bills if it is deemed that you were responsible for the accident. This is something that your insurance will take care of for you. If you are sued regarding an accident, your insurance will defend you and pay out a settlement up to your coverage limits. 

Without insurance, if you get into an accident and are deemed responsible, the other party could go after your assets and harm your livelihood.  

There are many reasons to have car insurance beyond it being required by law in many states. The different forms of coverage you can purchase can provide you with a wide range of necessary protection if you get into an accident with your vehicle. That is why it is worth investing in a robust insurance plan; it is there to protect and take care of you. Talk to an auto insurance company to learn more about your options. 


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