3 Reasons To Add Sewer Line Coverage To Your Home Insurance Policy

Posted on: 11 March 2021

Your home has a plumbing system that allows you to use water in all your plumbing fixtures. All the water you use exits the house through the main sewer line. It then goes to your septic tank or a city sewer system. If anything happens to your main sewer line, you could end up with a mess in your house. As a result, many insurance agents suggest adding sewer line coverage to a home insurance policy. If you are unsure about what this is or if you need it, keep reading to learn the top three reasons to add this coverage to your home insurance plan.

1. Sewer Line Problems Can Happen to Anyone Without Notice

Sewer issues can occur at any time in any home, and they rarely offer notice to homeowners. In other words, you can suddenly encounter a major sewer problem that seemed to come out of nowhere. Sewer issues are one of the worst problems to deal with as a homeowner. When your sewer line clogs, for example, it can lead to sewer backing into the house. You might have sewage water coming up in your bathtubs, toilets, and sinks. The sewage can even leak into your home. Imagine the smell and mess this would create in your house.

2. Sewer Line Repairs Are Costly

When you encounter a sewer line issue, you will have a large, costly problem to fix. With insurance coverage for your sewer line, your insurance policy would cover the costs. Sewer line repairs tend to cost a lot of money for the necessary repairs, so having insurance coverage will protect you financially.

3. Sewer Line Coverage Is Not Extremely Costly

You can add this coverage to your home insurance plan for roughly $40 to $50 a year. In some cases, it might cost more. If you can add sewer line coverage to your current policy without seeing a huge increase in costs, it might be worthwhile to have it. If you ever have a sewer problem, you will be glad you had an insurance endorsement to cover the costs. If you have an experience like this without insurance coverage, you will wish you had it.

Would you like to learn more about sewer line coverage or other endorsements you can add to your home insurance plan? You can contact a home insurance agent to ask questions and learn more about endorsements for your policy.


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