How To Save Money On Insurance For Your Motorcycle

Posted on: 5 December 2017

Do you own a motorcycle as an additional vehicle that you need to insure? If so, you may be looking for ways that you can limit how much you spend on insurance. These tips will help you save on those premiums.

Consider Distance Based Insurance

Chances are that your motorcycle is not your primary vehicle. You may have a normal car that you use for your daily commute, traveling long distances, and going to the store. This leaves your motorcycle as something you drive for fun on the weekends. Should you be paying for insurance when you are not driving your motorcycle that often?

You may be a good candidate for distance based auto insurance. This type of policy charges you for insurance per each mile that you drive, rather than having general coverage for the entire year. Talk with our insurance agent to find out if this type of insurance is worth it based on your driving habits with your motorcycle.

Reduce Coverage During The Winter

Does the cold winter weather leave your motorcycle in storage for a portion of the year? You can always reduce your coverage when you know that the motorcycle will not be getting much use. Many insurance companies allow you to reduce coverage so that the vehicle is protected in the case of theft or damage, such as if you store your motorcycle in your attached garage and have a house fire.

You can always put full coverage back on the motorcycle when the weather gets warm again and you'll be riding more regularly. However, you won't have coverage if you want to take the bike out for a little bit because it is nice outside. Be sure to have your agent resume full coverage any time you are actually going to ride the motorcycle.

Store The Motorcycle In A Secure Place

Your insurance rates may also be affected by where your motorcycle is stored when not in use. For instance, if you are in an apartment and only have street parking, then you may be paying a higher premium because the motorcycle is left unattended most of the day. The same can be said for homes that do not have an attached garage.

If you're a homeowner, consider building a storage unit on your property to keep the motorcycle when it is not being used. Having the motorcycle in a covered place that is secure can see some reduction in your premiums, and keep the motorcycle safe.

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