3 Tips For Registering Your Car

Posted on: 2 December 2017

The bad news about registering your car is there isn't a single set of rules that govern the process. In fact, it can vary dramatically from state to state, and you should never assume that the requirements are identical, even if in many cases they can be fairly close. The good news is that registering your car is not a hassle, assuming you know what to bring with you and what the process entails. Take a look below at just three simple tips on registering your car that will help you get started:

Out-of-State Requirements

If you are looking to transfer your title and registration from another state, the process is usually quite simple. But don't assume that your new local motor vehicle department has interstate records that they can look up and verify. In almost all instances, you will need to provide physical copies of your title and registration to them in order to complete the transfer. You may also have to provide any number of documents proving that you are a current resident of the state, such as proof of employment or enrollment in school.

Emissions and Smog

Though not all states require you to provide emissions and smog checks when you file your registration, many do. Don't be surprised - especially if you have an older vehicle - if you are asked to provide documents that prove your car or truck is okay to drive. This may also apply if you are transferring your registration from a state that has less stringent requirements for smog and emissions, as you may suddenly find your car not up to par with other vehicles in the state.

Private Purchase

In many cases, you may have purchased your car from a private seller and are looking to register it as your own before the state deadline. To do this, you will need to bring not just the title, but also a completed application. If you can't find the title, you will most likely need to fill out a separate application to obtain a duplicate. Some other stipulations may also apply; for example, some states require newer vehicles (such as those manufactured in the last five or ten years) to have titles that show the current mileage. The best thing you can do is show up with all of your documents in hand so that you're not filling them out haphazardly at the counter. 

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